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Dynamic Quad Stretch

by Monica

Recovery exercises are just as important during your fatloss workouts and the dynamic quad stretch is a great one that most people need to do more often.

Think about how much work your quads do during a majority of your workouts (both cardio and strength) and think about how much time you spend actually doing mobility and flexibility work to compensate for the beating your quads get. Probably not enough.

The video below features an awesome dynamic quad stretch that you can add to your fatloss circuits whether you're doing core workouts, bootcamp workouts, even strenght workouts. You can use this dynamic stretch during your recovery periods or at the end of your workouts to improve performance and endurance.

You can use a bench, a wall, a ball, or a suspension trainer to perform the dynamic quad stretch. The only thing you need to remember is to breathe and move through it dynamically (static holding is not the best way to do this stretch).

There are many other versions of this stretch you can do. Just flow with it and be creative and be sure to use yoga blocks for support if you need them. Got questions about modifications? Ask me below.

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