dynamic bodyweight exercises for strength and fatloss

by Monica

Yesterday's Tacfit workout included 6 rounds of one-arm screw presses and pistols training only the eccentric portion of those two bodyweight exercises for minimal reps. This was followed by 3-5 rounds of an exercise that is similar to a burpee but much harder.

The one-arm screw press is probably one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises for upper body I've ever tried and burpee like exercise was also really fun. Both work your chest, shoulders, triceps and core in a very intense and interesting way.

In the video below you can see coach Murdock performing an advanced version of the one-arm screw press. I'm working my way up slowly to what you see in the video. My shoulders and triceps are seriously sore today but in a good way.

Next week I'm uploading a brand new workout video that's going to include some of the hybrid moves I learned during the fatloss phase of this Tacfit workout plan.

In the video below you can watch coach Scott Sonnon doing some advanced frontal ground engagement (the burpee type move I mentioned before). Looks like fun right?

Below is a video that shows how I combined some of the dynamic bodyweight exercise I'm learning into my own fat burning bodyweight workout. I added jump rope and rolling ropes at the end for fun.

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dynamic bodyweight exercises for strength and fatloss

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losing weight
by: Anonymous

That is a great workout for losing weight. I think I’d give this one a shot. It looks awesome, so dynamic! I like the idea of exercising for building strength and getting a lot of fat loss.

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