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dumbbell workouts fatloss tips

by Monica

Burn more fat and get better results from your dumbbell workouts by following these 3 simple fatloss tips.

1. Use dumbbell exercises to increase mobility and improve performance. Improved mobility means better technique, maximal oxygen consumption, better muscle contractions, faster recovery, and more calories and fat burned.

Try adding stability ball db flys and stability ball db pullovers to your warmup. Use a light weight and focus on breathing as you expand the chest.

2. Combine dumbbell exercises into complex movement patterns. A dumbbell squat to curl to press is the most basic form of this but is still very linear (you're only moving up and down). If you add twisting and bending to your dumbbell exercises you recruit more muscles and work your core much harder too. Try the twisting warrior lunge from my Fat Burning Full Body Workout or the sumo squat to pushup to alternating chop from my Primal Pattern Circuit Workout

3. Swing your weights for increased core activation, butt toning and more fatloss and calories burned too. The basic dumbbell swing is a great option but you can also swing weights overhead at a slower pace while doing a reverse lunge (this is called a halo), swing weights diagonally as you squat (this is called a chop) or add a dumbbell swing to your burpee (this is called a piledriver). Not only does this skyrocket your heart rate it boost fatloss and toning and endurance. Check out my bodyweight & dumbbell flow workout for fun db swinging exercises. Full instructions for this workout at the link.

You can also watch examples of all these tips in the video below. The only difference is she's using a clubbell but many of those exercises can be adapted to dumbbells. You just need to be creative!

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