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Deck Squats - A Killer Total Body Fatloss Exercise

by Monica

Deck squats are a killer total body exercise that's great for cardio endurance, fatloss, mobility, flexibility and core strength.

In the video below Coach Umberto Miletto (famous for making all the other boys jealous when he takes off his shirt) shows you how to perform the deck squat with jump using a kettlebell.

I tried this killer fatloss exercise with a sandbell yesterday and it was awesome. My heart rate shot way up after just 8 reps, my low back and hips got a killer stretch, and my abs got an amazing workout.

You can incorporate this exercise into any bootcamp workout, fatloss workout, or circuit workout. Simply substitute this in place of mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope intervals, or any cardio interval.

Use any type of weight you like and take out the jump if you're not ready for that yet. Check out other versions below or add your favorite.

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Deck Squats - A Killer Total Body Fatloss Exercise

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Bodyweight Deck Squats
by: Monica

You can also try bodyweight deck squats with or without a weighted vest.

This is actually the full version of the exercise and it requires you to roll on to the upper back and touch the floor right above your head with your toes.

This version is much harder especially if you don't use a vest because using a weight adds momentum. No weight means you really need to use your abs and thighs to stand up.

This version is excellent for endurance, fatloss, and for those who need to increase hip mobility and especially for those who need to practice ab integration.

Make this More Difficult
by: B Clark

This exercise is more challenging if you keep your heels close to your body instead of splaying them back over your head and using momentum to get up.

Deck Squat Variations
by: Monica

Hey B Clark

I agree that taking out momentum makes the exercise more challenging for certain people. It definitely makes it more challenging for me. I prefer doing deck squats without kicking the legs back for various reasons: 1. kicking the legs back has zero benefit to me since I am already hyper flexible in the hamstrings and low back. 2. once in the plow position with toes touching the floor my upper back, neck, and shoulders get overstretched and this aggravates an old levator scapulae injury. 3. my hip flexors which are the weakest part of my flexor chain are getting strong again by not using momentum.

The reason so many coaches like Maxwell do the legs over the head version is they're looking to improve hip mobility and hamstring flexibility. For many not so flexible guys kicking the legs back is the harder part.

So all version can be tough it just depends on your body and what you're trying to accomplish. Check out Maxwell's no momentum deck squat with kb.

Cervical disc warning
by: Anonymous

CAUTION! If you have compressed cervical discs,be extra careful to not go too far back or have too much initial backward momentum in performing this maneuver, you can cause severe injury. Like the yoga plow pose, if you put too much bend and torque on your neck you can permanently damage nerves.

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