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Core Ab Workout - The Corset Training Routine

The core ab workout burns ab fat and trains your body's natural corset muscles (TVA) so you can get flat abs and a smaller waist faster.

Not only will this workout improve your core stability and prevent back pain or back injuries it's also a great way to sculpt a lean but curvy waist.

The core ab workout includes all the best ab exercises and lower ab exercises that work for people who struggle with stubborn ab fat, flat abs and poor posture that contributes to poochy looking abs.

Core Ab Workout Instructions

You need gliding discs, a medicine ball, and mini band for this workout. All available here: Affordable Home Gym Gear

Core Ab Workout Option 1: Perform 10-20 reps of each exercise in the order listed below with little to no rest between exercises. After one circuit rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat 1 more time.

Core Ab Workout Option 2: Superset the first 3 exercise and perform 10-20 reps of each exercise with no rest between exercises then repeat 1 more time. Then continue with the 10-20 of the next 5 exercises with no rest between exercises. After one circuit rest for 1 minute then repeat 1-2 more times.

TVA Activation - Stand with feet hip width apart and one foot a few inches behind the body holding an 8-10 lb. medicine ball at chest level. Bend at the hips to reach the ball towards the floor. Keep the back flat, knees slightly bent, and pull the belly button in towards the spine as you lower and raise the ball. The point of this exercise is to strengthen your transversus abdominis (your body's natural corset). Tie a string around your waist so it's a bit snug when your abs are relaxed if you need help with this. When doing this right your abs should pull away from the string as you go down and up. To make this exercise easier use no weight. To make it more challenging attach a mini band around the ankles for added instability (as shown in video).

Downdog Knee In to Kickback - Start in downdog pose with shoulder blades slightly squeezing together so head and shoulders can relax and heels on or off the floor. Contract the abs hard to round the back and pull the knee in towards the chest then release the contraction as you contract the glute to kick the leg back and up. Straighten the leg as much as possible as you kick it back. Allow your head to move back and forth as you flex and extend your spine. When doing this right your spine should feel flexible and your abs should be working as you flex and extend.

To make this easier drop to the knees. To make it more challenging bend the knee at the top and allow hip to open to the sky (this is called downdog scorpion pose).

Dancing Lizard - Lay on your stomach with straight arms overhead and resting on floor. Bend the right elbow and right knee towards each other and squeeze the right shoulder blade and right oblique until elbow touches upper thigh. This exercise works the entire back and obliques and strengthens your rotatores which means better core stability, flat abs, and a smaller waist faster.

To make it easier work one side at a time. To make it more challenging pull a theraband or resistance band.

Alternating Side Plank to Knee In - Start in a plank position with feet hip width apart, back flat, hands under shoulders and head relaxed. Rotate to one side then bend the arm and knee towards each other. Return to center then repeat on the other side.

To make it easier work one side at a time or eliminate the knee raise. To make it more challenging lift straight leg up instead of bent leg up.

Medicine Deck Squat Toss to Rollover - Start standing with feet hip width apart and holding medicine ball at chest level. Toss the ball up in the air then catch as you squat all the way down into a seated position with legs bent then roll back to laying with legs bent and place ball on floor overhead. Contract the abs and roll straight legs up and over the ball. Slowly lower down one vertebrae at a time until feet are back down on the floor with legs bent. Quickly grab the ball and curl back up to standing.

To make this easier use a heavier ball but eliminate the toss. To make it more challenging use no weight and add a jump as you stand up.

**This is a full body exercise that trains both flexion and extension. It also improves hip mobility and upper back mobility. It is a very advanced exercise and not recommended for people with neck issues, hip issues, low back issues or a dysfunctional core. When in doubt please skip this move or break it down into smaller segments.

Alternating Tripod Twist - Sit on floor with legs bent and one hand a few inches behind the body with fingers pointing away from your body. Press your hand into the floor and contract the abs hard as you lift your lower body off the floor, straighten your legs, drive the butt up towards the ceiling and twist your body towards the supporting arm. Return to starting and repeat on other side. This ab exercise looks like it works many muscles but it mainly works your TVA (corset muscles) and your obliques. Your doing it right if you feel your abs working hard to stabilize your body as you lift, twist and turn.

To make it easier by keeping legs bent as you twist . Make it more challenging by twisting into downdog pose then quickly kicking leg towards the sky.

Gliding Disc Updog to Pike - Start on a pushup plank position with hands under shoulders, abs tight, back flat, and feet on gliding discs. Drop the hips towards the floor without allowing your thighs to touch floor then lift hips back up to plank post and contract the abs hard to glide into a pike. Keep legs as straight as possible and keep head and shoulders relaxed.

To make it easier by dropping to forearms and eliminating the updog portion. Make it harder by using one gliding disc and resting one leg on top of the other. The advanced version is really hard so be careful with it.

Star Burpees - Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width then squat down and place hands on floor and kick both legs back into a wide leg plank. Quickly bring legs in and jump back up into star shape (arms up and out, feet wider than hip width).

To make this easier by eliminating jump up into star shape. Make it more challenging by jumping up in the air as you jump back up.

Some Different Core Ab Workout Tips & Flat Abs Solutions

Struggling with core ab workout results? Check out the quick mind body tips and exercises in the video by Franklin Method.

The Franklin Method is amazing for anybody struggling with postural issues that often cause stubborn belly fat, poochy lower abs and a positive fatloss mindset. Get started with The Franklin Method: Pelvic Power for Core Integration.

Franklin method may seem strange but it works and is a great way to warmup for any core ab workout too.

Core Ab Workout Inspiration

The core ab workout was inspired by Eric Franklin author of Conditioning for Dance (featured above) and by Shiva Rea creator of Fluid Power Vinyasa. It was also inspired by RubberbandDance (videos here).

I get my workout inspiration from all types of movement experts but especially from anything that involves dynamic movement especially dance.

Beautiful dynamic movement = a better body and most importantly a functional healthy body. Remember that there is no point in training your body to look better if it can't move or function better too.