CHEK stability ball crunch

by Monica

The CHEK stability ball crunch is a great exercise that can be used to correct postural imbalances, boost spinal mobility, and strengthen weak spots in the flexor chain, for most that would be the neck flexors and upper abs.

Watch the video to see how to perform the CHEK crunch properly or read my instructions below.

To perform the CHEK crunch with excellent form, sit on a stability ball with legs bent 90 degrees. Make a peace sign with both fingers and place your peace sign fingertips behind your ears so elbows are bent and aligned all the way back with shoulders.

Slowly walk the feet forward and begin to lay down until your legs are 90 degrees again and your upper back and head feel like they're draped over the ball in a mini-backbend.

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth (you'll keep it there the entire time) and contract the abs to pull the spine towards the ball and slowly lift the upper body off the ball. Try not to lead with your head or pull your head forward with your hands or fingers and keep your hips relaxed. Breathe out as you come up then hold for a second at the top the slowly lower down.

This is not your usual stability ball crunch and the toughest part of all is remembering to keep your tongue on the roof of the mouth to make those neck flexors work. Most people who work at computers need to strengthen these muscles to correct forward head and forward shoulder posture which both interfere with great upper body workouts.

If you are used to doing crunches on the floor and pulling on your head with your hands or using one of those ab roller devices this is going to be very difficult for you so stick to less reps until you can do 10 with excellent form. Add more as your neck gets stronger.

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