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Cardio Weight Loss Workout

Burn tons of calories and fat with the cardio weight loss workout. It includes modifications for all levels so anybody regardless of age, gender, or ability can use this workout to lose weight and get fit.

Start with a 5 minute warm-up at a moderate to fast pace, on any cardio machine or walking/jogging outdoor.

Continue with mountain climbers using the tabata protocol. Alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of recovery for 4 minutes total.

Continue with the next 3 exercises. Perform 20 reps of each with no rest between exercises then repeat the circuit 2 more times.

Finish up with 6 minutes of cardio intervals walking/running outdoors or on any cardio machine. Alternate between 30 seconds of hard work and 60 seconds at a slow pace.

Place your feet on the foot plates and grab the arm handles.
Set your resistance so that it is challenging and start the elliptical motion by pulling machine arm with one arm and push the other machine arm.
Pick a pace that will elevate your heart rate yet let you stay on the machine for a while.

Cardio weight loss workout tips:
You can do any type of cardio for your warm-up. You can use any cardio machine, walk, jump rope, run, or climb stairs.
Sets RepsWeight/
Mountain Climbers
1. Start by getting on your hands and feet in a prone position.
2. Keeping your body parallel to ground drive your knees up towards your chest alternating back and forth.
3. Repeat this movement for the required number of seconds.

Cardio weight loss workout tips:
Keep hands under shoulders at all times, butt down, lower abs tight, and head relaxed. Don't forget to breathe. Beginners go slow. Intermediates go faster. Advanced go very fast.
Sets RepsWeight/
Supine Bodyweight Row
1. Start by grabbing onto a bar and placing your feet on a bench or stool.
2. Keeping your body straight pull yourself up until your chest reaches the bar.
3. Now lower your body and return to the starting position.
4. Repeat for the desired repetitions.

Cardio weight loss workout tips:
No place to do bodyweight rows then just do rows or pulldowns with a resistance band. Beginners try feet on floor legs bent. Intermediates try feet on floor legs straight. Advanced do as shown.
Sets RepsWeight/
Iron Cross
1. To perform this movement, use only light weights.
2. Assume the starting position of good posture with shoulders back and your chest out.
3. Hold weights in both hands and push your hips back to bring your thighs parallel to the ground. Raise your arms to parallel as well.
4. Hold briefly in this position and then stand up while simultaneously moving your arms out to the sides and still parallel to the ground.
5. Reverse movement to return to the start position.

Cardio weight loss workout tips:
Use a light to medium weight and work on proper alignment. Beginners use no weight and just open and close arms. Intermediates start with weights at sides and perform side raises instead. Advanced do as shown.
Sets RepsWeight/
Jump Rope (half twister)
Start with the jump rope in each hand.
Jump off the ground and start swinging the jump rope under your feet.
Continue jumping up and down as you bring the jump rope under your feet.
When you are jumping shift your feet to the left side land and then shift over to the right side.
Continue for the prescribed number of jumps or time.

Cardio weight loss workout tips:
Can't jump rope then try jumping jacks, stairs, or bench step-ups instead (or go back to your cardio machine). Advanced try jogging in place with jump rope.
Sets RepsWeight/

Cardio weight loss workout tips:
Beginners alternate walking with speed walking. Intermediates alternate walking with jogging. Advanced try jogging followed by sprinting.
Sets RepsWeight/

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