The 3 Cardio Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Make

Are you struggling to get results from your cardio weight loss plan? Lack of results is one of the top reasons people seek help from personal trainers but you don't need to hire a trainer if you fix the top 3 cardio mistakes.

Tom Venuto, author of the #1 Fatloss Guide Burn The Fat, reveals the top 3 cardio weight loss mistakes that most people make and the simple solution that will help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

This could make or break your fatloss plan so read on to get the facts.

#1 Cardio Weight Loss Mistake: Not Enough Focus On Total Calories Burned

Most people arenít burning enough darn calories.

Why? Well, I guess they are too busy worrying about the best cardio workout (which machine or activity), the mode (steady state or intervals), the optimal ratio of intervals, or the best duration.

Some people coast along on the treadmill at 2.3 miles per hour or some similar sloth-like pace and they think that just by hitting a TIME goal, such as 45 or 60 minutes, that with "X" duration completed, they are assured to get the results they want.

On the other extreme, we have folks who have found or created some mega-intense, super-duper short workout like the 4-minute wonder workout from Japan (known as the Tabata protocol). Just because the workout is high intensity interval training they too think they are assured to get the results they want.

Whatís missing in both cases is the realization that total fat loss over time is a function of total calories burned over time, assuming you donít blow your diet, of course (more on that below).


Total calories burned is a product of INTENSITY times DURATION, not intensity OR duration.

Too much focus on one variable at the exclusion of the other can lead to a less than optimal total calorie burn and disappointing results. And remember, intensity and duration are variables not absolutes! Variable means you can change themÖ even if your guru says you canít!

When you understand the relationship and interplay between INTENSITY X DURATION you will find a "SWEET SPOT" where the product of those variables produces the maximal calorie burn and maximum fat loss, based on your current health condition and your need for time efficiency.

Cardio Weight Loss Mistake #2: Too Much Focus on What Type of Calories Burned

As best as I can figure, there is one whopper of a mistake that is still KILLING most peopleís cardio programs and that isÖ way too much focus on WHAT you are burning during the workout - fats or carbohydrates - also known as substrate utilization.

This idea comes from the notorious fat burning zone myth which actually tells people to exercise SLOWER and LESS intensely to burn more fat.

Hold on a minute. Pop quiz. Which workout burns more calories?

(A) A 30 minute leisurely stroll through the park(B) A 30 minute, sweat-pouring, heart-pounding, lung-burning run?

Like, DUH!

And yet we have trainers, authors and infomercial gurus STILL telling us we have to slow down if we want to burn more fat??? Bizarre.

The reason people still buy it is because the fat burning zone myth sounds so plausible because of two little science facts:

1. The higher your intensity, the more carbs you burn during the workout 2. The lower your intensity, the more fat you burn during the workout

And that's the problem. You should be focusing on total calories and total fat burned during the workout and all day long, not just what type or percentage of fuel you are burning during the workout.

Itís not that fat oxidation doesnít matter, but what if you have a high percentage of fat oxidation but an extremely low number of calories burned?

If you really want to be in the fat burning zone you could sit on your couch all day long and that will keep you there quite nicely because couch sitting is a really low intensity fat-burning activity.

Of course, couch sitting only burns 37 calories per half hour.

The Cardio Weight Loss Solution You Need to Burn More Calories

In both cases, the solution to burning more fat is drop dead simple: Focus your attention on how you can burn more TOTAL calories during your workout and all day long.

If you want to burn more fat, burn more calories and you can do that by manipulating ANY of the variables : intensity, duration and also frequency.

If you build your training program around this concept, you will be on the right track almost every time.


Naturally, we could argue that itís not quite this simple and that there are hundreds of other reasons why your cardio program might not be workingÖ and I would agree, of course. But on the exercise side, the ideas above should be foremost in your mind.

Cardio Weight Loss Mistake #3: The Diet Mistake That Sneaks Up On You

On the nutrition side, you have to get your act together there too.

For example, many people increase their food intake at the same time as they start a cardio training program thereby putting back in every calorie they burned during the workout! Then some of them have the nerve to say, "SEE, cardio doesn't work!"

Incidentally, this is the exact reason that a few studies show that adding cardio or aerobic training to a diet did not improve fat loss. Itís not because the cardio didnít work, it was because the researchers didn't control for diet and the subjects ate more!!

It should go without saying that nutrition is the foundation on which every fat loss program is built.

Choose the combination of type, intensity, duration and frequency that suits your lifestyle and preferences the best, and WORK THE VARIABLES to get the fat loss results you want.

Need help working the variables of your cardio weight loss plan? Check out Tom Venuto's #1 fatloss guide Burn The Fat for more tips that work.

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