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Cardio Toning Workout Routines that Blast Fat & Build A Lean Toned Body

Looking for cardio toning workout routines that don't take up all your time and that actually work to get you the result you're after?

Below are the best type of cardio toning workouts that torch fat and calories and get you that lean toned look you want.

These workouts don't look anything like the typical cardio toning workouts you'll find on most other sites because burning fat and toning up has nothing to do with pumping light weights for tons and tons of reps. The only thing that light weights high reps does is build muscular endurance.

The best way to get a lean toned body is with exercises that are challenging enough to stimulate fat burning hormones that force your body to burn fat as fuel during and after a workout.

These exercises must also allow you to gain or maintain any lean muscle so when you burn off all your fat stores the result is a lean toned look vs. the skinny flabby look. Get started with any of the cardio toning workouts and tips below.

Cardio Toning Workout Routines with Gymboss

There are many cardio toning workout routines here on the site but sometimes they are called something completely different for example the Gymboss Tabata Intervals Workout which happens to be one of the most popular cardio toning workouts here at FWG.

It includes 5 bodyweight exercises and 1 sandbell exercise that blast fat and build lean toned muscle in the legs glutes and core.

The exercises are combined into one giant metabolic conditioning circuit that boosts fatloss and gets you that lean toned look. It's a high intensity interval training workout that can be modified for people of all levels.

Check out my Gymboss Tabata Intervals Workout blog post for more workout instructions and tips.

Cardio Toning Workout Routines with Suspenion Trainer

There are many cardio toning workouts here on the site that incorporate a suspension trainer. A suspension trainer can vary in price from $50-$250 and is one of the most effective tools for fatloss and toning. It's the one piece of fitness gear that will help you build a fit and lean toned body without bulking you up.

The Cardio Core Workout is a perfect example of a cardio toning workout with a suspension trainer. It includes fun bodyweight exercise supersets that target the legs, glutes, core and arms as well as high intensity tabata intervals that blast tons of fat and calories.

The suspension trainer increases the intensity of your bodyweight exercises without adding more weight so you burn tons of fat, boost endurance, and build a lean toned body faster. Check out my Cardio Core Workout blog post for more workout instructions and tips.

Cardio Toning Workout Routines for Upper Body

Most cardio toning workout routines for the upper body include endless reps of isolation exercises with light weights or stretchy bands that leave most women and some guys royally frustrated.

My cardio toning workout isn't one of these workouts. It includes high intensity medicine ball slams, hindu pushups, resistance band lateral hops and jumping jacks that not only melt fat off your body but boost lean muscle and get you the lean toned arms, legs, butt and flat abs you really want.

If you've never trained your upper body this way then prepare to be sore and actually start seeing visible results in a few short weeks. Say goodbye to jiggly arms, saggy butts, and jello gut. This type of cardio toning workout actually works!

Check out the animated version of the cardio toning workout routine for workout instructions and tips.