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Cardio Core Workout

The cardio core workout includes fat burning intervals and challenging core exercises that build a strong core and sculpt flat sexy abs.

Start with 4 minutes of easy cycling to warm-up. Continue with 4 minutes of tabata protocol then recover with 5 minutes of moderate paced cycling.

Stretch your hip flexors and quads for 2 minutes then continue with the ab circuit.

Perform 10-20 reps of each low back and core exercises. Rest 10-15 seconds between sets.

Focus more on good form and less on number of reps performed. What matters most with core exercises is quality and not quantity.


Cardio Core Workout Tips:
4 minutes easy warm-up 4 minutes of tabata protocol 4 minutes moderate intensity 4 minutes of tabata protocol You can use any cardio machine, walk, run, use stairs, or jump rope.
Sets RepsWeight/
Quad Psoas Stretch
1. Start by placing one knee on the balance disc with the foot on top of the stability ball.
2. Your other leg should be bent 90 degrees at the knee with your foot flat on the floor.
3. Slowly slide your foot on the floor forward and lean with your upper body towards the floor until a comfortable but moderate stretch is felt.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat or hold for desired amount of time if you would like.
5. Repeat with the other leg.

Cardio Core Workout Tips:
Lengthening all the hip flexor muscles will allow you to get a much better ab workout.
Sets RepsWeight/
Low Back Extension
1) Lie face down on flexaball with knees and feet on floor.
2) Flexaball placement should be at abdominal to lower chest region.
3) With hands on chest, raise trunk 4-8 inches.
4) Lower to start position.
5) To increase intensity, position ball down towards hips, feet wide with knees off floor. Hands may be placed behind head and overhead to further increase resistance. To increase stability, place feet against wall or stationary object.

Cardio Core Workout Tips:
Beginners or those with low back issues keep arms at your sides and only lift half way up. Advanced perform with arms extended in a Y position.
Sets RepsWeight/
1-Arm Raise Level 2 on Ball
1. Start by placing your feet on top of the ball and holding a plank position with your hands on the ground.
2. Once your body is stabilized in this plank position slowly raise one arm off the ground.
3. Bring the arm forward and then backwards to your hip.
4. Return to the start position and repeat with the other arm.

Cardio Core Workout Tips:
Beginners lose the ball and place feet on floor. Advanced try a circular arm movement instead of back and forth or alternate arms.
Sets RepsWeight/
3 point rollout on ball
1. Place your forearms on top of the ball and your feet anchored on the floor.
2. Keep your trunk in a parallel position and draw your belly button in towards your spine.
3. Slowly extend your arms out away from your body and then bring them back in towards your chest.
4. Do not let your hips drop below parallel. If this happens do not extend your arms as far. Your arms should only be extended as far as you can without dropping your hips below parallel.

Cardio Core Workout Tips:
Beginners or people with low back issues hold a plank. Advanced try straightening the arms more. Keep low abs tight at all times to protect the low back and shoulders.
Sets RepsWeight/
Bicycle Kicks
1. Lie on your back with your knees at chest level and your arms flat on the floor.
2. Alternate extending your legs by extending one leg out straight and as you bring it in extend the other leg out.
3. Continue to repeat this process like you are riding a bicycle until the required repetitions are completed.
4. Make sure you keep your back flat during the movement. If you are unable to keep your back flat then reduce the extension of your legs.

Cardio Core Workout Tips:
Draw the belly button in and keep low back pressed into floor at all time. Always end your set as soon as the low back raises from the floor. Beginners move very slowly. Intermediates and Advanced move faster as you get stronger.
Sets RepsWeight/
Wood Chop with band or cable
1. Start by standing parallel to the band or cable.
2. Hang onto the handle in front of your body but up above your head and over the shoulder. Keeping your arms semi straight rotate your body down and away from the band.
3. Keep your feet planted and twist from your trunk or core. Remember to keep your arms semi straight throughout the movement.
4. Return to the starting point and repeat according to the required repetitions.
5. Repeat with the other side.

Cardio Core Workout Tips:
Contract the obliques to pull across. Use the abs and not the arms to rotate. Beginners look straight ahead at all times. Advanced add more hip rotation.
Sets RepsWeight/

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