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Cardio and Core Intervals Workout

by Monica

Here's a fun way to burn fat and work your core with a beaded jump rope and small weighted fitness balls with strap from Harbinger Fitness.

This cardio core intervals workout only takes 20 minutes and can be done two ways. You can work timed intervals (30-45 seconds for each exercise works best) then repeat the circuit until your 20 minutes are up or you can do a set number of reps (8-12 works best) for each exercise and perform as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 20 minutes.

Do whatever works best for you and be sure to warmup with 5-8 minutes of mobility exercises for the entire body.

Cardio Core Workout Instructions:

jump rope single jumps 30-60
weighted ball double windmill w/press 8-10 ea. side
jump rope jogging 30-60
weighted ball squat lunge press combo 8-10 ea. side
jump rope skipping 30-60
weighted ball no-momentum sit-up with russian twists 8-10

Workout Tips

Be quick but don't rush at the expense of good form. The windmill is the toughest exercise in this circuit and it targets a lot of different muscles including the lats, abs, glutes, shoulders, inner thighs. Be very careful with this exercise. If you have never done this before practice without weights until you get your form down.

When doing the sit-ups work on using no momentum which means you'll have to slow way down and really focus on contracting the abs as you roll up. Try not to use the ball to help yourself up.

Also if you're not very good at jump rope skipping or you have knee or hip issues that prevent you from jumping then substitute any cardio exercise you like but make sure it gets your heart rate way up.

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