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Carb Cycling Plan Fatloss Workout

by Monica

I started carb cycling about a week ago and so far things are going really well. I wanted to share a fatloss workout that my personal trainer friend J.B. used to torture me with back when he put me on his carb cycling plan.

That's J.B. and his killer abs in the pic above and that little kid in the pic is my son (age 5 at the time). The women in the other pic are from my bridal bootcamp.

This carb cycling fatloss workout is a gym workout but it can be modified for home. The workout is vicious and if you've never done a 300 style workout I would recommend getting started with something a little less crazy like the bodyweight 100 workout or the bodyweight 500 workout.

Crazy Carb Cycling Fatloss Workout

leg press machine 100 fast reps (use little to no weight)
glute kickback machine 25 reps each side (about 10-20 lb. trust me on this don't add more weight)
walking bodyweight lunges or step bench reverse lunges 50 (8-10 lb. db)
jump squats 60 seconds
rest for 90 seconds then repeat 2 more times

This felt so evil to me that I offered to pay him to stop after one set but then he just yelled at me.

If you want to try this at home simply substitute the leg press machine for 100 squats or step ups using 8-10 lb dumbbells and substitute the machine glute kickbacks with kneeling glute kickbacks using a resistance band.

Carb Cycling Plan Tip Carb cycling can help you lose up to 2% bodyfat per week but you can't guesstimate when and how to eat carbs. Be sure to get on carb cycling plan that fits YOUR lifestyle and your preferences.

There are various plans out there ranging in price from $9.99 books to $50 ebooks. Do your research and find a plan that is easy for YOU to follow and that you can stick with. Click the link to read more about all the best carb cycling plans.

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