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Can Hula Hoop Workouts Help Me Tone Up?

by Monica

I just filmed a fun hula hoop workout this morning just for laughs but don't make the mistake of thinking that this workout is going to help you burn a ton of fat and get you a tiny waist and "toned hips".

It makes me nuts when women ask this dumb question: "Will hula hooping tone my hips and help me reduce my waist?" Aaaaaaargh!!!!

There are so many really out of shape women out there doing these fun Hula Hoop Workouts who think they're going to get a sexy body like Marisa Tomei, Liv Tyler, or Beyonce. Sorry but that will only happen with planned total body workouts like my sexy body bootcamp.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for anything that gets you moving but let's be serious here, what you see in the video below or other hooping workouts won't reshape your body or help you lose massive amounts of weight or fat.

What this type of workout will do is improve mobility, balance, coordination, core stability, and focus. It might even motivate you to be more active on a daily basis.

I would use a workout like this as a warm-up or a cool down for a total body workout or an off day when I'm not working out but I still want to move in a fun way. I sometimes even use this type of workout as a break from work.

I would not recommend this as the only form of exercise for people who have serious amounts of weight and fat to lose. For those who just want to have fun with different types of movement, this type of workout is great!

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