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Busy Brides Bootcamp Workout

by Monica

The best bootcamp exercises for busy brides who only have 4-6 weeks before the big day. I combined all the best moves into one kick butt bootcamp workout that gets visible results fast.

I recently updated my Bootcamp Workouts for Busy Brides ebook (if you have a copy of my ebook you can just log in to your bella account to download the new version).

These are some of my favorite bootcamp exercises from the 4-12 week workout program. The first exercise is actually a hybrid move, two exercises rolled into one to save time and burn even more calories.

Busy Bride Bootcamp Workout Instructions

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds (45 sec. on each side for single side moves). Take less than 5 seconds to transition between exercises. After one round of all 6 exercises rest for 45 seconds then repeat 2-3 more times.

valslide forearm plank to pike to pushup from knees (hybrid move you can split up these moves if this is too advanced).

bodyweight lunge with jump kick (I love this exercise)

trx bridge to bodyweight row

dumbbell single leg SDL (45 sec. each side)

pushup plank leg lifts (hip extensions)

squat thrusts (it's a burpee w/o the pushup)

Bride Bootcamp Workout Tips

1. Try not to rush but don't go too slow either. The exercises can only work when performed with proper form and with intensity.

2. Modify exercises to your ability. Make them easier or harder, i.e. regular pushup from knees, squat instead of deep lunge if you have knee issues, plank hold instead of plank with leg lifts if you have a weak core.

3. Get on a structured workout plan that increases the intensity every couple of weeks. Doing the same workouts and not having a structured plan will plateau your body in 3 weeks. My Bootcamp Workouts for Busy Brides ebook shows you how to use 12 busy bride bootcamp workouts to get results in under 4 weeks or in 8-12 weeks if you have more time.

4. Find fun ways to manage wedding planning stress. My ebook lists many options but one of my favorites is sandbell slams or hula hooping.

5. Clean up your diet without going overboard. No need for extreme diets but you do need to eat healthy 90% of the time.

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Busy Brides Bootcamp Workout

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awesome workout
by: Jody

I love the TRX workouts and have used this workout for classes and PT. I would love to win a gymboss (even though I have one already) and the TRX ( I made my own version of TRX) I love all the the workouts on this website...
I hope this enters me into the contest!! :-)

Suspension Trainer & Gymboss great for Brides
by: Monica

Hey Jody

Thanks for trying the workouts and I agree the Gymboss is excellent for boosting workout intensity and fatloss while the suspension trainer is great for sculpting a lean toned back, arms, and core so a bride can look fabulous in her wedding dress without spending hours in the gym : )

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