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Burn Fat Fast with Exercise Progression

by Monica

How to burn fat fast and get results from your fatloss plan with exercise progression. Quick tips and fun video that shows you how to progress from beginner to advanced fatloss moves.

In the video below I talk about why exercise progression is so important and I show you how to take a basic bodyweight lunge and progress it into a very advanced and complex fat blasting full body exercise.

No matter what fatloss workouts or fatloss workout plan you choose to accomplish your fatloss goals be sure that exercise progression (also known as periodization, sophisitication, complexity, or simply becoming more advanced) is part of the plan.

Additional Exercise Progression Tips

1. Make sure to master the basics before making an exercise more complex.

2. Make sure you have a functional core that can stabilize before trying more advanced exercises.

3. Make sure that any progression you choose to try is a good fit for your fatloss and fitness goals.

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Burn Fat Fast with Exercise Progression

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Pushups - Progressions for Beginners
by: Monica

Fitness expert Adonna Greaves shows you how to go from total beginner pushups to regular pushups to super advanced pushups that isolate the triceps.

She also shares a killer tip about fitness that is so important if you want to get results from any fatloss workout plan: "enjoy the experience".

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