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Boot Camp Exercises for Fatloss

by Monica

Boot camp exercises are great for fatloss but only if you incorporate this 1 simple fatloss tip that most people ignore.

Boot camp exercises are incredibly popular right now because many people now realize that they involve total body movement that forces your body to burn more fat and calories.

They also increase fatloss hormones and boost metabolism for 48 hours after a workout simply because they demand that you use so much energy. This is often referred to as the after burn or EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

There are 6 basic boot camp exercises you can incorporate into your workouts to burn fat fast and reshape your body quickly include:



Bodyweight Rows



Cardio Intervals

But don't make the mistake that everybody else makes and think that you can simply do these 6 basic bootcamp exercises forever and get results. You must progress to more challenging versions of each exercises over time if you want to lose fat and reshape your body.

This is called exercise progression and it's the most important workout variable that will get you results fast.

Below is my total body boot camp exercises workout that includes progressions of all the basic bootcamp exercises listed here. Perform each move for 50 seconds taking only 10 seconds to transition between exercises. After one full circuit rest then repeat 2-3 more times.

Looking for a boot camp workout plan that works? Get started with the secret boot camp workout plan that all the top trainers use to train their clients.

And, if you want to guarantee that you get results from your bootcamp workouts be sure to address the second boot camp workout fatloss tip I share with clients who sign up for my live bootcamp classes. Without this tip all the boot camp exercises in the world won't make a bit of difference when it comes to fatloss.

Boot Camp Exercises Workout

Start with a quick warm-up that includes two rounds of:

30 seconds of jumping jacks

30 seconds of wall pushups or pushups from knees

30 seconds of squats or traveling side squats

The warm-up takes 3 minutes and is very important if you want to be able to make it through 3 rounds of killer boot camp exercises in under 21 minutes.

Once you warm-up continue with 50 seconds of each of the following exercises featured in the video:

plank walk outs with pushups

sumo squat with sandbell toss

trx hip thrusts to bodyweight rows

valslide reverse lunges with sandbell press

mountain climbers (add valslides if you can handle it)

valslide plank to pike (perform regular plank to pike if adding valslides is too hard or hurts your back)

Only take 10 seconds to transition between exercises and after one full circuit rest for 60 seconds then repeat two more times.

Got questions about boot camp exercises or boot camp workouts? Ask me below.

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