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Bodyweight Exercises Workout Options for Fatloss

by Monica

C.J. the workout kid, a 10 year old fitness instructor, shows you 3 bodyweight exercises that are amazing for fatloss, fitness, and toning.

His three moves the shredder, the fighter and the power jack are fun twists on your old favorites the burpee, the boxing cross, and the jump squat.

if you want to combine these moves into a killer fatloss circuit simply set your gymboss timer for 15-20 minutes then perform each exercise for 10-15 reps each going from one to the next without rest then repeat as many times as possible until your time is up.

This is what is known as a time challenge or an AMRAP workout (as many rounds as possible in a set amount of time). The fighter is the lowest intensity move so if you place it last in the circuit you can use it as active recovery before you have to go back to shredders and power jacks again.

C.J.'s second video features pics of all of my favorite bodyweight exercises including mountain climbers, low pushup hold, alternating 2 point pushup plank, prisoner squat, forearm plank, lateral lunge, and cobra back extensions.

Here's how to combine all these great bodyweight exercises into a killer fatloss workout:

Perform each exercise for 45-50 seconds with 5-10 seconds rest between exercises then repeat the circuit 2 more times. Set your gymboss for 21 dual rounds of 45-50 seconds and 5-10 seconds to stay focused. If you choose the 50/10 option this workout will take you 21 min. If you choose the 45/5 option the workout will be slightly shorter but more intense!

mountain climbers
low pushup hold
alternating 2 point pushup plank
prisoner squat
forearm plank
alternating lateral lunge
skydiver back extensions

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