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Body Image & Fatloss Workouts

by Rach

Hi I'm an 18 yr old girl and I'm very insecure with my body. Ive just completed a course to stop self harming, and with my new out look on life I want a body I'm proud of.

I want to get rid of my belly fat,unsightly bingo wings and excessively large thighs (so i guess i want an all over thing) but my biggest worry is my stomach. So i want to know what excercises and how often to do them ?

I walk about 30 mins a day ( not alot i know). I don't have a lot of equipment avalaible to me. I would like to spend about an hour to two hours working out a day.

I really hope you can help.

Thank you so much

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Body Image & Fatloss Workouts

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5 step plan
by: Monica

Hi Rach

Thanks for having the guts to post something like this. I think many women have body image issues. For some it's worst than others.

The fact that you went and got help for this means that you are really strong. You want to be healthy and fit and are willing to work for it.

So here's some tips to help you get started.

1. Stop thinking about what your body looks like and focus on what your body does for you every day. Your workouts are going to tone and tighten your entire body but you have to accept where you are right now and be grateful for what your body can do to be able to move forward.

2. Walking 30 min. a day is more than enough. The only thing you need to do is add the bodyweight circuit workout 2-3 times a week. If you don't have weight then just skip those two exercises for now.

You can do this workout just about anywhere and you can do it for 2-3 weeks. After that time you'll have to find a new workout to continue to get results.

3. Finally, be positive and focus on what your body can do during your workouts. It's o.k. if you get tired or can't do all the reps. You will get stronger and fitter each week.

4. Get great tips to help you reach your goal. I just added some great Workout Tips that will boost your motivation.

5. Start eating healthy. Check out my Fatloss Meals List for some great ideas.

And don't forget to stay in touch and let everybody know how you're doing!!

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