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Best Butt Exercises Workout for Fatloss, Toning & Fitness

The best butt exercises workout includes fun total body moves inspired by ballet, pilates, and athletic training that are great for fat loss, a toned butt, leg toning and flat abs too! Depending on how much weight you use some of these exercises also target your entire upper body so this workout is a great way to get some extra upper body toning into your weekly routine.

You will need an 8-12 lb. mega medicine ball (dynamax ball, rage ball, or ugi ball works too), a gymboss timer, and a medium resistance thera band.

Best Butt Exercises Workout Instructions & Tips

The best butt exercises workout is a timed interval circuit so perform the first 5 exercises for 30-40 seconds on each side and take no breaks between exercises.

After one circuit rest for 30-60 seconds then repeat 3-4 more times. If you can do 5 circuits you are a rockstar! After the endurance circuit continue with the butt toning superset then finish up with some stretches for 5-10 min.

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Curtsey Lunge to Sidekick - The curtsey portion of this exercise can be modified so you can go as low as you want. The kick can also be modified to a side knee raise if a kick is too hard. If you want to make this more challenging you can add a hop. Swinging the arms makes it easier to balance but you can keep your hands in front of you if you prefer.

Downward Dog Kickbacks - Be sure to squeeze your glute hard and allow your abs to stretch so you can extend the leg as straight as possible. If this is too challenging from a downdog position try it from hands and knees or from forearms on a chair or bench. To make this more challenging add a forearm press.

Mega Ball Chop Lateral Leaps - As you leap from side to side use your upper body and abs to swing the ball then drive the ball towards the outside of each knee to load the glutes. Use your deep abs to stabilize and keep your head and shoulders relaxed.

Mega Ball Alternating Lunge Jump w/ Twist - Try to land as softly as you can and as be sure not to shorten your lunge stance as you land to avoid knee, ankle, and hip pain. If you have trouble landing in a long stance visualize warrior 1 stance every time you land. As you can see I was having trouble with this too : )

Thera Band Plie Jumps - This is a very basic ballet move that alternates between first position plie and second position plie. If you have knee issues lose the jump. Be sure to use a thera band that feels hard to hold apart. Keep your shoulders down and shoulder blades contracted to maintain arms out to the sides and stay light on your feet as you jump out and in. Lose the band to make it easier.

Butt Toning Superset

When you finish with 4-5 rounds of the circuit take a 2 minute break then continue with 8-12 reps on each side of the two butt toning exercises below. After one superset rest for 30 seconds then repeat two more times.

Mega Ball Single Leg Deadlift to Knee-ins - This exercise works so many different muscles and requires balance and focus so try not to rush through it. Keep the standing leg slightly bent at all times and use the core and not the hands to stabilize the body as you extend the leg then bring the knee-in.

Mega Ball Single Leg Bridge - Contract the abs to flatten your back into the floor before you lift the leg up towards the ceiling. Add an opposite leg kick to make it more challenging. Arms at the sides makes this easier and arms overhead makes it more challenging.

Best Butt Exercises Workout Tips

Move quickly but don't sacrifice technique just so you can do more reps. Use a weight that feels somewhat challenging but DO NOT use a heavy weight or work to failure on any exercises. This should feel more like an endurance workout, the kind a dancer or endurance athlete would do.

The best butt exercises workout was originally posted on the blog as the shakin that ass workout so if you have any questions please click the link and post them right on that page.

Need a cool down after this workout? Try the best flexibility exercises workout. It's quick, easy and will help minimize the soreness.