Best Body Ever Workout, Tips and Healthy Meals

Getting your best body ever is much easier when you workout smarter, eat healthy meals, and get the right mindset.

If you've been exercising and following all the usual diet tricks but you're still struggling to get the body you want the workout plus tips and healthy meals below WILL help you start getting visible results quickly.

The only thing you need for this workout is dumbbells and a Pilates band. Need workout gear? Get it here: Affordable Home Gym Gear.

Best Body Ever Workout Instructions

This quick but challenging workout combines dynamic fat burning exercises that also strengthen and tone your entire body with extra focus on your butt, legs, and core.

It's a combination of exercises I learned recently while getting my ballet and Pilates certifications. It also includes a few fat burning yoga moves that strengthen and lengthen your entire body.

Workout Instructions: Perform each exercise for reps indicated without rest between exercises. After one circuit rest for 30 sec. and repeat 2-3 more times. The more you take your time with this workout the better results you'll get.

Grand battement lunge combo (8-10 each side)

Pilates band fly grand plie (8-10 each side)

Pilates pushup to single leg downdog stretch (3-5 total reps)

Modified Can-Can kicks (8 each side)

*Watch video for 8 exercise modifications and tips

Best Body Ever Tips

Want a fit toned body that's healthy, happy and able to perform daily tasks and activities with energy and pleasure? Focus on these 7 quick workout tips to get your best body ever and you'll finally look good, feel great, and be healthy too!

1. Focus on excellent exercise technique and proper breathing.

2. Exploit the mind body connection during exercise and in your daily life too.

3. Exercise for health as much as you do for fatloss, toning, and a better looking body.

4. Support your workouts with clean healthy meals that boost health and wellness.

5. Give your body what it needs most often and your ego what it needs less often.

6. Cut out the negative self talk and be done with the negative body image.

7. Focus on progress instead of on perfection or unrealistic goals and expectations.

Watch the video for more tips and advice. This is the first video I've narrated in a long time. More of these coming soon!

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Best Body Ever Meals

Not sure what to eat for your best body ever? Below are some ideas for quick healthy meals that will help you burn fat and get a lean toned body faster. Remember that looking lean and toned is a result of lean muscle + athlete range body fat (14%-20% for most women).

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