Best Ab Workout Secrets & Exercises for Great Abs

If you want the best ab workout ever then these 3 tips from non-ab experts will show you exactly what to focus on for better abs and faster results.

Learn all about how your abs really work, how to connect with your core, standing work, prone work, and more. What the boxers, martial artists, and athletes do that sculpts firm flat abs.

If you've tried the more traditional ab workouts and they're not working then this is exactly what your body needs to finally get great abs.

Best Abs Workout Secrets of Super Lean Boxers

You already know that any power wheel exercise was found to be the best ab exercise in an independent study conducted at UC Berkley. They are some of the toughest ab moves around.

Do not attempt these if you have back issues or if your core is very weak. A great way to get started is to do the same exercises without the wheel. They're called plank walk-outs and they are just as effective as roll outs. Try them for 2-3 weeks then progress to roll outs.

The Best Ab Workout Secrets of Powerful Martial Arts Experts

Martial artists have killer abs because they work on three things.

1. Multidimensional movement that targets your entire core from every angle and from the inside out.

2. Flexibility that allows you to contract your abs fully so your abs get a much harder workout.

3. Power and agility moves that target the core on a deep level and burn tons of fat.

The Budokon: Power and Agility Video shows you All the best full body exercises that build agility and power while working the entire core from every angle. This is one of the best fat burning ab workouts available on DVD.

Best Ab Workout Secrets of Fast Explosive Athletes

Resistance Bands are great for blasting fat and working the entire body but they are one of the best ways to build core strength, core stabilization, and core power.

Athletes use them to build explosive power and speed. They also use them to develop flexibility and injury proof their bodies. All of this combined will get you the best looking abs ever.

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