Best Ab Exercises & Workouts for Lean Toned Abs

Getting great abs requires the best ab exercises, quick and intense interval cardio, along with the best fullbody workouts.

The quick guide below covers everything you need to sculpt flat sexy abs fast including types of ab exercises, videos and workouts to get you started.

Get great abs even faster by avoiding expensive ab gadgets or machines and sticking to affordable ab fitness gear and ab workouts that actually work.

Best Types of Ab Exercises for Lean Sexy Abs

1. Plank Style Ab Exercises combined in a circuit that force the core to constantly stabilize your body. Try the plank featured in the video.

2. High Intensity Interval Training also known as fat burning cardio, that cause your body to burn fat like crazy. Saves time and burns 9 times more fat.

3. Full Body Workouts that build lean fat burning muscle all over. Faster results than you'll ever get with isolation exercises like crunches.

The Best Ab Workouts To Get Started

Best Ab Exercises Workout 9 killer ab exercises that can be combined into quick and effective ab workouts plus

Best Ab Workouts Gear Get the essentials for sculpting lean sexy abs including the #1 rated ab gadget tested in an independent study by UC Berkley; The Ab Wheel.

Best Ab Workout Secrets 3 great videos of killer ab exercises that get results. The non-ab expert tips you need to take your ab workouts to the next level.

Best Type of Cardio Workouts for Flat Sexy Abs

Plyometric Interval Training was inspired by P90X Plyo X video. It boosts lower body endurance, improves speed, and agility with fun fat burning intervals that work.

Interval Cardio Workout Advanced is a 3 exercise mini-circuit that burns calories and fat, and targets the entire lower body with step ups, jump rope, and mountain climbers plus stretches.

Fatloss Intervals Workout burns up to 400 calories in under 20 minutes with 10 min. of moderate paced warm-up 8 minutes of high intensity intervals and 3 min. of cool down.