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Best & Worst Ab Fatloss Workouts

by Monica

The best ab fatloss workouts don't involve laying on the floor, do not include the word pilates or yogalates, and they sure as hell don't include a silly ab gadget promoted by some fitness model who didn't even use the piece of equipment to achieve their lean toned look (yeah I'm talking about ab circle pro, that piece of junk I've banned from advertising on my site).

Yes it's true, those fitness models you see in those ab gadget infomercials actually do workouts like the ones featured on this site and they only agree to promote silly ab gadgets that don't really work because they get offers they can't refuse (in other words they get paid lots of money to lie to you and tell you that they used that piece of junk to look the way they do).

The best ab fatloss workouts involve total body exercises that burn about 100 times more ab fat and calories than any of those silly ab gadgets or ab isolation workouts.

If your goal is to lose ab fat you must focus at least 2/3 of your workouts on exercises that burn fat, burn calories, and tone and strengthen your entire body. Ab isolation dvd's and cheap ab gadgets don't do this. Watch my hot abs interval training workout to learn how. Click the link for full workout instructions.

When it comes to ab fatloss you have two choices:

1. Keep believing those sleazy ab gadget gurus and those misguided spot reduction experts and continue with ab isolation workouts that will do nothing to help you get rid of belly fat (they also don't work for toning up either which is why so many people with ab fat are also flabby all over).


2. Get started with challenging full body ab fatloss workouts that work and add in your ab isolation workouts on off days or after full body workouts since they only contribute minimally to your ab fatloss results.

It's ultimately your decision but I can tell you from my own experience that #1 never works and #2 always works and it works fast. I've spent the last 10 years working with hundreds of clients who tried it the first way for years with no results and the minute the switched to option #2 they started getting visible results almost instantly.

Don't believe me? Go read about Rosana's belly fat results and see for yourself what happens after just 3 days of the right foods and the right workout plan.

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Best & Worst Ab Fatloss Workouts

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the truth about ab gadets & fitness models
by: Monica

Here's the ab circle pro queen JNL talking about how she used this piece of junk to lose 70 or 85 pounds (which is it). All lies of course but it's all for money so it's o.k. right?

Below you can watch what JNL really did to go from fatso to fitness model. Her ebook shows you the type of fatloss workouts you really need to do if you want to lose 85 pounds like she did. Big surprise! They don't include the ab circle pro.

Also all you girls out there who are afraid of big weight check out how much weight she's actually using on some of those exercises; 45 lb bar presses, weighted hanging knee raises, 20 lb dumbbell rows, plus jump rope intervals and backbend pushups and headstands just like the ones we do in yoga. No cheesy ab gadget here but that's not what's she's saying on her infommercial. Must be a big paycheck!

Want to get a killer body like JNL? Get started with 3 Truth About Tips from a real fitness expert who won't lie to you.

confirming this lie
by: JC

Hi Monica. Even being in the fitness business, I ALMOST fell for this lie myself! I then did some research on Jennifer Nicole Lee and found her site and even more lies were confirmed.
She claims to have used the AB circle for her weight loss and that it was responsible for her loss.

What she DOESN'T say is that she was already in shape way before the AB circle. She had lost all of that weight before...thus, the AB circle infomercials are just lining her pockets!

As you stated, please do not buy this gadget or any others. Hard work and persistence is the only thing that works.

hard to find truthful experts these days
by: Monica


Thanks for your comments. It's hard to find truthful experts these days. I know JNL means well and I'm not a hater but it really bothered me that I found her book first and in her book she discusses how to really get results.

I didn't even know she endorsed this piece of junk until I saw her ads all over my site one day. I tried banning them but they just kept coming back under different url's. I finally just gave up and wrote about it and the ads seem to be gone now.

I don't understand why people sell out like this. We're supposed to be helping people not lying to them. Bugs me on so many levels!

It would be so easy for me to endorse this junk and make huge commissions but I couldn't sleep at night knowing that I'm lying to people.

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