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Best Workout Move for Fatloss - Your Body Is Begging For This

by Monica

The best workout move for fatloss is kicking your routine to the curb. In order to get lean and stay lean you must make exercise part of your daily routine but that doesn't mean making exercise routine.

After you've been on a workout "routine" for about 3-4 weeks the most important thing you can do is kick that old routine to the curb and get a new workout routine or change a few variables in your workouts. Not sure what to change? Get tons of ideas below from Mike Geary of Truth About Abs.

This is the most important workout move for anybody wanting to lose fat and keep it from reappearing. It's what has kept me at the same weight for over 10 years. It's what keeps my clients lean after they lose 30 40 and 70 pounds and it's the question I get asked the most here at FWG.

Head over to the ask questions area and see for yourself how many people write to me all the time desperate to know why they can't lose the fat, why they're stuck on a plateau even though they do 45 minutes of long boring cardio every single day. Why they can't seem to lose weight even after a year of boring gym machines 60 minutes a day 3 days a week. BORING!! No wonder most people quit working out after a few months.

After 4 weeks tell your workout routine to take a hike. Break up already (seriously, I'm tired of talking about this). Obviously your routine doesn't love you as much you love it or it would be helping you lose that flab.

Even if you only change 2 or 3 things in your routine you will be much better off than if you change nothing.

If you want fatloss results you're going to have to let go of the "routine" and embrace change. It's a tough move and I know because I've been there but it's the most important move for sure. Do it, your body is begging you to do it.

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Best Workout Move for Fatloss - Your Body Is Begging For This

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Ways to Vary Workouts for Fatloss
by: Mike Geary

Most people stick to workouts where they do something along the lines of 3 sets of 10-12 reps per exercise, with 2-3 minutes rest between sets. Booooorrrrring!!!! Here are a few examples of different methods to spice up your routine.

Try 10 sets of 3 with a medium weight, resting only 20 seconds between sets.

Try using a heavier weight and complete 6 sets of 6 reps, doing a 3 minute treadmill sprint between each weight lifting set.

Try using a near maximum weight and do 10 sets of 1 rep, with 30 seconds rest between sets.

Try using a lighter than normal weight and do 1 set of 50 reps for each exercise

Try a workout based on only one full body exercise, such as barbell clean & presses or dumbbell squat & presses, and do nothing but that exercise for an intense 20 minutes.

Try a circuit of 12 different exercises covering the entire body without any rest between exercises.

Try that same 12 exercise circuit on your subsequent workout, but do the entire circuit in the reverse order.

Try your usual exercises at a faster repetition speed on one workout and then at a super-slow speed on your next workout.

Try completing five 30 minute workouts one week, followed by three 1-hr workouts the next week.

Try doing drop sets of all of your exercises, where you drop the weight between each set and keep doing repetitions without any rest until complete muscular fatigue (usually about 5-6 sets in a row).

Want more ideas? There are many more ways to continue to change your training variables. This was just a taste of your possibilities. In order to see how to incorporate various strategies into effective routines, give the programs in my internationally best-selling ebook The Truth about Six Pack Abs a try.

Got ideas about how to vary workouts for fatloss? Share them below.

Makeover Your Body by Incorporating Variety Into Workouts
by: Scott Colby

The best way to makeover your body is to incorporate variety into your workout. Below tons of great ideas beyond changing reps and sets. Follow these tips if you want to transform your body without hitting those dreaded plateaus.

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