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Best Exercises to Prepare for Aerial Dance or Pole Dance

by Monica

Saturday was my 7th week of aerial dance. I go once a week and I've learned the basics plus a few fun moves.

The challenge now is learning how to combine moves and making it look smooth. I kind of stink at this right now but it's only my 7th class ever.

I know I need a lot of practice before I can even get close to doing what my instructor does. She makes everything look effortless.

I know that my workouts in the last few weeks have helped me in a big way so if you've made your way here via my video or through a search or my article over at bellaonline here's what you need to do to prepare for any type of aerial dance class including silks, single point trapeze, static trapeze, pole dance, or spanish web.

1. Learn the best core activation technique for core strength and stability

2. Build upper body strength with rope climbing exercises or bodyweight rows also called pullup bar rows, chin ups.

3. Get started with a structured workout plan like my sexy body bootcamp plan. I designed this plan specifically for aerial dance strength.

Here's some more footage of me practicing some aerial dance moves. I love my instructor Carrie. She teaches us the basics then just lets us play. The first video was 10 weeks after starting, this one was 7 weeks after starting.

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Best Exercises to Prepare for Aerial Dance or Pole Dance

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aerial dance on single point trapeze
by: Monica

After my first round of trapeze I took a few weeks off and then took 6 more classes. I've learned so much since I started back in Jan.

The hardest thing about aerial dance on a trapeze is getting over your fears and dealing with pain, bruises, calluses, and soreness. Your body eventually adapts and the strength and skills come with practice (core training helps A LOT).

I just finished my second round of classes and my favorite thing this time around was learning to run into inverted positions. My hands didn't like it too much but I loved it.

I'll be taking a month off but will be back in an intermediate class end of summer. I will have more footage of the more advanced stuff soon.

training for trapeze
by: Monica

Here is a fun video of a few more trapeze moves and some of the workouts that helped me build endurance, core stability and flexibility for aerial dance on a trapeze. Right now I'm using Eric Franklin's Conditioning for Dance to get ready for class again.

We were traveling a lot this past summer so I stopped going to class and then I got injured hiking so I have not been back to class in a long time but excited about going back next weekend.


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