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Best Endorphin Rush Workout

by Monica

What's your best endorphin rush workout? That workout that makes you feel high after your done. I get a rush from all types of workouts but some of my favorites are:

Bodyweight workouts that include fun movement patterns like in my Tacfit workout video.

Gymboss workouts especially ones that include deep lunges, jumps, and kicks like in my Gymboss Tabata Intervals Workout video below.

I also love anything that includes ballet, pilates, and athletic movements like in my Best Butt Exercises Workout video.

What type of workouts give you a big endorphin rush? What type of exercises boost your feel good endorphins? Let me know and I'll see if I can includes those exercises in some of my workout videos.

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Best Endorphin Rush Workout

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Bodyweight & Kettlebell workouts
by: Jeri

Hi Monica,
I really enjoy the endorphin rush the bodyweight Tacfit workouts give me as well as well as kettlebell workouts. I've come a long way from thinking only running could give me an that endorphin rush.

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