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Best Boot Camp Exercises Planks

by Monica

There are many different types of planks that you can include in your boot camp workouts but some are more fun and more effective for fatloss, flat abs, and a lean fit body.

In the video below you can watch my 7 favorite planks including two with my brand new TRX and 10 lb sandbell. Be sure to work up to the more advanced ones over time.

Know of a great plank that wasn't featured here. Share a picture, video, or describe it below. Got questions about planks? Ask for answers here!

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Best Boot Camp Exercises Planks

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Side Planks - Progressions for Beginners
by: Monica

Side planks are awesome for the obliques, for shouder stability, they also re-inforce TVA function and core stability.

The best way to progress into the more advanced versions is to start with all the basic versions featured in the video below.

These are tough on the shoulders so if you have shoulder injuries be sure to address your shoulder problems before trying these.

Got forward shoulder rotation that makes this exercise a pain in the neck? Perform two sets of 10 scapular retractions as a warm-up and you should be able to do these without neck strain.

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