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Break Up With A Bad Workout & Get On A Good Workout Plan

I love trying new workouts and I especially love being on a good workout plan that works.

But one of my biggest problems is breaking up with a bad workout plan. You know the kind of workout plan I’m talking about? The workout plan you thought was so great but 2 weeks in and you’re looking for any excuse not to exercise.

This happens to a lot of clients and people I know including trainers, and it happened to me just recently.

Here's the deal, everybody makes mistakes and the only thing worst than making this workout mistake is to continue with a workout plan that just isn't working.

Below are tips to help you end it sooner rather than later plus tips on how to find a good workout plan to get the results you want.

How Can You Tell You're On A Bad Workout Plan

So here's how to find out if you need to break up with a bad workout plan. If you answer NO to most of the questions below then it’s time to move on and find a good workout plan that works.

Do you look forward to your workouts and feel motivated to continue (you look forward to seeing or spending time with the boyfriend)?

Are all your trouble zones improving (is life better with him in it)?

Are you making progress in all areas not just a couple of areas (is just about the fun or the sex or is there more to your relationship)?

Would you highly recommend this to others after the excitement wears off (would you introduce him to the people who matter most or invite him on a family vacation)?

Are you looking for ways to continue with this type of plan after it’s over (looking forward to many more years with this person or are you already on match.com looking for a new man)?

I hope this silly article made you laugh and I also hope this made you realize that sticking to something that isn’t working is a big waste of your time, energy, and often money.

It’s o.k. to make mistakes or judgement errors the important thing is to not continue down the wrong path.

Want to know the best part about breaking up with a bad workout? You'll finally get results.

Need A Good Workout Plan That Actually Works?

If you're looking to burn fat, tone up, and feel great then get started with any of the workout plans below.

Lose Belly Fat Bootcamp a great bootcamp workout plan for beginners and intermediates who need to jump start fatloss.

Weight Loss Workouts Plan a simple workout plan for beginners who want to build endurance and start losing weight right away.

30 Minute Workout Plan a great workout plan that gets progressively more challenging each week.

Your Best Female Figure Workout Plan a body type focused plan for women who want to burn fat, tone up, and sculpt a lean toned body with sexy female curves.