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Ab & Core Workouts - How often?

by Jeri
(Kaneohe, HI)

I usually do ab/core workouts (plank style & stability ball moves) during my "rest" periods in between my strength training sets but I'm not sure it's enough (about 10-15 minutes worth). I do strength training at least twice a week for at least 30 minutes.

My question is: what is the minimum amount of time should I work on abs/core...10, 20, or 30 minutes?

That said, I've heard twice a week is enough to work on your abs/core & any more than that may cause a "bloated" look?

In addition, I'll fit in a session or two of ashtanga yoga (30-40 minutes) at least once or twice a the week on the days I don't strength train.

Therefore, is it okay to do yoga the day after my strength training day (since I already did some core workouts the day before)?

I just want to make sure I don't "overdo" my ab/core workouts & allow my body to rest. Mahalo (Thank you)

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Ab & Core Workouts - How often?

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ab training tips
by: Monica

Hi Jeri

I've been taking a really great course called scientific core conditioning and one of the things they addressed was training abs daily.

Abs are like any muscle in the body. They need rest too but you can train them every day if you focus on a different area each day.

Day 1 lower abs

Day 2 obliques

Day 3 upper abs (although this area is overworked in most people and actually could use some stretching instead)

Day 4 day off

A daily maintenance program should only be implemented after the desired level of strength is achieved in all areas and since most people have major issues with core imbalances it's best to perform a self assessment to find out how you need to go about ab training.

If you're struggling with ab training then check out the new Lower Ab Exercises article by David Grisaffi.

It's got tons of great info plus a killer video from another expert that can help you get results.

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