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workouts guide update, Issue #001 -- teaser here
September 24, 2007
Kick start your fall fitness plan with the 3 week fatloss workout plan and prevent holiday weight gain. Don't be one of the thousands of people who wait until after the holidays to start your fitness plan. The time to lose weight, burn fat, and get fit is now. Follow the workouts outlined below for the next 4 weeks. Your primary goal is consistency. If you can manage to stick to the plan then you've accomplished the goal and you'll probably lose about 5 pounds of fat. Some of the workouts are 10 minutes others are 15 minutes and some are 30 minutes. The order in which you do them is not important so be sure to adjust them to fit your schedule. If you need to drop a day then make it the abs day. You can just add the ab workout at the end of your cardio interval day or to your boot camp in 10 day. Just make sure not to workout less than 4 times a week.

Monday: interval cardio for fat loss
Tuesday: bootcamp workout in 20
Wednesday: ab circuit for intermediates
Thursday: boot camp workout in 10
Friday: active recovery w/activity of your choice & check calories burned
Saturday: full body core workout

After your three weeks are up, switch up a couple of your workouts with newer, more challenging ones to continue seeing results. Workouts are added here virtually every day so you'll never run out of options.
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