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workouts guide update, Issue - workout motivation tips
September 12, 2008

I can't believe how much crazy stuff happened this week. One of my clients had a heart attack, another client had a freak accident and fell on her hip and shoulder, another client was diagnosed with runner's knee even though she's not a runner!

I also had 5 bootcamp clients tell me that they were exhausted from poor sleep. I've been having the same exact problem!

So what do all these people have in common? They worked out anyway (except my heart attack lady, she's still in the hospital).

No excuses, no feeling sorry for themselves, no complaining, or asking to skip an exercise or cardio drill. Instead they did what they could handle and then walked out "feeling much better" (their words not mine).

Get Tom Venuto's #1 tip for this type of workout motivation.

New & Improved Workout without Weight A shorter more intense bootcamp workout to help you blast fat.

My bio with hideous before and great after pics of me doing the #1 ab exercise for flat abs.

My #1 workout motivation tip? Music! Commit to moving to at least two songs on your ipod. Once you get going chances are you'll want to keep going! The song that got me going this week was Waiting Remixes (Josh Harris radio edit) by Taxi Doll.

My #2 workout tip is: Find something that keeps you going year round. Adventure Travel does it for me. These are pics of my trip to the Mayan Riviera. Climbing Coba pyramid & rapelling into Cenote Jaguar. More adventures coming soon.

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