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workouts guide update, Issue - how to burn fat course
June 11, 2009

Everything You Need To Know About How To Burn Fat

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I sent a newsletter but I have tons of great stuff for you this week.

First that embarrassing story I promised... back in 2000 when my son was only 5 months old I was back in the gym pretending to workout hard and totally kidding myself about eating a "healthy diet". I was 30 pounds overweight and totally upset about why I was not getting anywhere with my weight loss plan.

One day I ran into an old personal trainer I knew and he asked when my second baby was due. I wasn't pregnant so this was a huge blow. More than likely this guy was just trying to get me to sign up for training (an evil but often used tactic that idiot trainers use to sell p.t.).

The one thing this nasty little comment did was help me get off my lazy a** and start working out harder on my own. Just six months later I had lost 22 pounds, reduced by bodyfat from 32% to 24% and gone from a size 12 to a size 6. I wish I could thank that guy for making me so upset!

Need a little motivation like I did? Sign up for the free ecourse How To Burn Fat, taught by The authority on fatloss Tom Venuto. These are the 7 most important fatloss lessons I wish somebody had taught me back when I was trying to lose weight. This course will transform your mindset and your body.

Already motivated then kick it into high gear with the brand new Cardio Weight Loss Workout and the Tabata Protocol guide that shows you 3 ways to use this protocol to burn more fat.

No energy to kick it into high gear? Try my Boost energy levels workout a 3 minute routine that energizes you fast.

Need a boost in the bedroom? The Great Sex Workout will help your endurance or help you find your mojo if you've lost it.

Take your ab workout to the next level with videos of all the best Stability Ball Exercises. How to tips that work your core hard from the best core experts. Want great abs even faster? Add Suspension Trainer exercises to your workouts.

Think you can out train your crappy diet? Watch the Kettlebell swings vs. starbucks video to see why diet is just as important as your workouts if you want results.

Get quick tips on Reading food labels from my 9 year old and comedian Brian Regan. If all my kids (pictured below) can read food labels so can you!

Check out the super short Calorie restriction guide to find out how much calorie restriction you need for fat loss plus the diet depletion fridge tour with CB that shows you how to avoid excess calories.

Finally be sure to check out the free workouts blog for daily tips, videos, and more.

All that should keep you busy until I get back from Maui! Can't wait to tell you all about my outdoor adventures in Hawaii. Send me an email if you know of any good place to eat, hike, or snorkel, or kayak.

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