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workouts guide update, Issue - cardio and weight loss tips
April 23, 2009

Cardio and Weight Loss Tips for Pool Season

Hey Everyone

It's 95 degrees and sunny here in Tucson AZ so for us bikini season and weekly pool time is here! Now if you're anything like I was 3 weeks ago you probably want to shed the last bit of bodyfat before you head to the pool, the beach, or the lake.

But what if you don't enjoy doing hours and hours of cardio and you don't have time for marathon weight training sessions either.

Here's the deal, you don't need to go crazy with the cardio and the weights to lose bodyfat.

Just check out this week's article on Different Cardio Workouts by Mike Geary to learn more about highly variable cyclic training that blasts way more fat. This is the type of cardio you need to burn fat fast. You'll also love the kettlebell workout video.

Burning those calories but still need help in the ab department? The new and improved Toned Abs Workout will help you tighten and tone your entire core. My client's (especially the guys) hate the double leg pressouts. When you do it with perfect form you feel it and will see visible results fast. It's a great ab workout for beginners and intermediates.

More advanced? Try the Sexy Abs Workout

Need a new and fun workout that tightens and tones every inch of your body? Try the Outdoor Fatloss Workout. My 9 year old son and I designed this one together so go ahead and ask your kids to join in.

You can also check out the new Playground Workout blog posts featuring easier or more intense playground workout videos plus my answer to somebody's question about workouts for seniors.

Visitor Success emails

I got two great emails this week from visitors who are getting great results with variety and sensible eating.

"Just want to give you KUDOS on your site. Love it! I'm a die hard gym rat, and love to change up my routines to combat boredom and plateaus. You have so many great exercise and ciruits, and they are EXTREMELY effective. I've seen my body change over just a few weeks. I think I have more lean muscle now than in all my years of working out." Melody, Philadelphia PA USA

Awesome Melody! Keep having fun getting super fit and lean!

"I really enjoyed taking your course. Thank you for your voice of sanity and educated reason. I,ve read every diet book and tried many of them. Being a type 2 diabetic I wanted a magic diet to make it easy. This sounds reasonable and doable. The questions helped me understand the importance of certain things like portion control and stress. Thanks again." Connie L.

Great mindset Connie. Eating sensibly is more doable and gets long term results too. Keep me posted on your progress.

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