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October 20, 2008

The Ball Ab Circuit Workout & Tips to Blast Fat & Get Great Abs

I've got tons of workouts, tips, and videos for you this week but let's start with 1 simple bootcamp workout tip that I learned from my brother who was an Automated Logistics Specialist for the U.S. Army. He told me the reason that military guys get so fit so fast is they have to run everywhere.

He explained that their bootcamp workouts are very similar to what you find on this site but that running between classes and just moving quickly all day long is what really gets them fit. So I decided to try his little trick and guess what it works and it's fun.

I run from my front door to my car when I need to drive somewhere. I run down the long corridors at my son's school when I pick him up from after school care then race him to the car on the way back. I run up the stairs to work. I run across the street to return dvd's at blockbuster.

Try it and see how effective this is for boosting metabolism and endurance and burning extra fat. Then take your ab workout to the next level with the new Ball Ab Circuit Workout. It works your abs and your entire body so you can tone and tighten while you blast tons of fat.

Check out the Medicine Ball Exercises Guide to learn what ball is going to work best for you then watch the 2 awesome medicine ball workout videos to get great ideas and get started with the fullbody medicine ball workout.

Get the Do It Yourself Bootcamp Workout Guide with tips, 2 videos, and what to look for if you decide you can't do it yourself and need to join a bootcamp.

And if you're looking for hardcore military style workouts that blast fat and get you lean sexy abs fast, be sure to check out Special Ops Fitness - Navy SEAL Workout, System 1 and SWAT Workout: Ultimate Body Definition

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