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3 Universal Truths of Training

by Monica

Take the 3 Universal Truths of Training into consideration when planning your workouts and you'll get the body you want much faster.

The 3 Universal Truths of Training are simple but profound. Unfortunately most people (myself included) don't seek out these truths until they are really frustrated with stubborn fat and lack of results from workouts. If you're not stuck yet then consider yourself lucky and don't wait until you are stuck to apply these principles to your training plan.

The 3 Universal Laws of Training: How to look and feel great faster all while avoiding injuries, fatigue, and boredom.

1. Your Body Is The Sum of Everything You Do

Many of us see training as the answer to getting the body we want but in reality training is only a small part of the huge picture. How you eat, what you drink or don't drink, how much sleep you get, your stress levels, your mental well being, and many other things contribute to how fit you are and how good your body looks. It's not just about your workouts so be sure to support your hard training with healthy living and you'll get a great body much faster.

Below Sean of UW explains how lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your perfect body goals.

2. Your Body Is Constantly Changing

It's estimated there are 75-100 trillion cells in the body and these cells are constantly in a state of regeneration. Your breathing, heartbeat, and brainwaves constantly change too. There's a wave like pattern to all this that we need to mimic when training in order to get results. Staying on the same workout "routine" forever goes against your body's nature and is the fastest way to plateau and never see the results you want. Changing your training every 3-4 weeks works with your body to get you the results you want quickly.

3. You Have/Get The Body You Deserve

The body you have is a result of what you've done up until this point and the biggest problem that most people (especially women) have is they refuse to break out of their comfort zone and do hard work or they make excuses for unhealthy habits (i.e. the nightly glasses of wine, the daily ice cream, the lack of mobility exercises, poor sleep habits, etc.). I know because I've been there and now that I look back on it, I can't believe how much I was limiting myself and at times kidding myself. You will always get the body you deserve so if you feel you deserve better then break free from your bad habits or your current workouts that aren't working and seek out better workouts and healthier habits.

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3 Universal Truths of Training

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dead link
by: JC

Hi Monica. I got your newsletter today titled "Can you handle the truths?" The video that was inside of it--is a dead link. When clicking it, a message that reads something like the account is no longer available because the uploader closed the account.

Is there a similar or another one we can get? Thanks and keep up the good work.

more helpful fatloss and fitness videos
by: Monica

Here's a couple of videos that can help with the 3 Universal Truths of Training.

Here's a trainer on sleep deprivation and fatloss.

and Scott Colby's tips on how to overcome a fatloss plateau.

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