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Burn Fat Fast 10 Minute Workout

The burn fat fast 10 minute workout is a full body fatloss workout inspired by the 300 workout which made a comeback before The Immortals movie was even in movie theatres.

The cool thing about this workout is that you can make it a quick 10 minute routine and do it before cardio, yoga, and toning or isolation circuits.

Of you can repeat the circuit up to 5 times for a killer fat blasting full body circuit workout that will probably leave you sore for days.

This workout is especially good for the genetically cursed who have a harder time burning fat especially ab fat.

Burn Fat Fast 10 Minute Workout Instructions (plus 24 and 30 min. option)

I used a gymboss interval timer, suspension trainer, 10 and 20 lb. sandbells, and mega medicine ball for this workout but you can use any type of equipment you like.

Perform each exercise in the order listed below for 50 seconds each going from one to the next with minimal rest. If you take 10 seconds to transition between exercises the entire circuit should take 5 minutes. You can set two timers on your gymboss to help with this (50 sec. and 10 sec.) After 1 full circuit repeat a second time (no break between circuits).

If you're going for the 24 or 30 minute option then take 60 seconds rest between circuits and repeat the circuit 4-5 times total. Also don't be shocked if you're sore for a few days. I tried 4 rounds one day and was very sore for 2 days.

Suspension trainer rows w/hip thrust - If you want to add intensity straighten the legs and keep them straight the entire time. This is hard to do on a slippery floor but if you have heavy weights you can use them to keep your feet from sliding forward. If you don't have a suspension trainer you can also do pullups on pullup bars or bodyweight rows on dip bars or smith machine.

Sumo squat to sandbell overhead reverse lunge + toss - I'm certain this exercise has a shorter name. If you know it email it to me : ) You can use kettlebell, dumbbells, or sandbags for this too the only difference is you can't toss those down. If you can't squat deep then just hold your weight at chest level and perform a regular squat then reverse lunge as you press your weight overhead.

Pushup w/yoga side plank - If you prefer regular pushups then you are welcome to kick it up a notch. You can also modify the side plank by bending the knee as shown in the fun pushup modification portion of the video. If the yoga side plank is still too difficult then just hold the plank and take one hand off the floor at a time. Add rotation as your core gets stronger.

Jump rope running in place - If you want to add intensity just lift the knees higher and try to skip faster. If running in place using a rope is too much of a coordination hassle then lose the rope but try bringing the knees up higher. If your knees don't like high impact try squat thrusts with jumping jack.

Alternating sandbell swings - This exercise is a core and glute exercise so if you're feeling it anywhere else you need to focus on contracting those abs as the weight swings between the legs and squeezing the glutes to swing back up to standing. Shoulder blades should be sliding down the back not up towards the ears. You can use a dumbbell, kettlebell, or sandbag for this too.

Mega Ball Crunch Combo - The point of this exercise is to keep the lower back flat on the floor as you drive the ball and the knees in. This is not as easy as it looks. The knee drive portion conditions your TVA (transversus abdominis) while the situp portion strengthens your entire flexor chain (rectus abdominis or 6 pack abs muslces) including your neck muscles which are weak and tight for most people which means poochy lower abs. When you strengthen the entire flexor chain your posture is better and you eliminate poochy lower abs too.

Burn Fat Fast 10 Minute Workout Inspired byThe Original 300 Workout

Check out the original 300 workout that inspired my 10 minute workout in the video below. It's pretty intense and not many people (even the fittest people can get through it) which is why I modified the hell out of it.